Naga Warrior (prototype) - 3D printable file included.

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For those familiar with Steem Monsters the Naga Warrior is a relatively common site. Shes an aggressive melee fighter with a good amount of health even at low levels. I admit I don't play her often as I favor some of my other cards, but from a modeling stand point, even if I put in every minor detail (which I didn't) she would have been one of the easier characters.


Her shield and sword at the ready.


A hungry smile gracing her half human / half serpentine face.

3D View


Recently the discussion of having having 3D printable figurines for steem-monsters was brought up in various discord chats and through the cross traffic between those channels @ma1neEvent suggested that I find out what they were looking for. What I found is that the desire might be there, but the conviction is not. However, I do enjoy creating things and whats a few hours out of my life?

If you are a follower of mine you know that I have had experience in that field, and shared several posts about the process. Unfortunately I forgot to catalog everything that was done to create the renders and the final model beyond a few screenshots here and there.

Screenshot from 20181031 194048.png

Screenshot from 20181031 185039.png

Screenshot from 20181031 185047.png
From Blender

Screenshot from 20181101 153822.png
In Cura


These were printed on a Lulz Bot Mini with the standard print head, in high speed mode, with no post processing. I would suggest if you want to print the naga warrior I would suggest you check her ears and the sword. The thinner the object the bigger the model has to be and her ears have been lost in this print. Also I tweaked the mouth and eyes to show better in the stl I've added to this post.

If you like it, let me know. If you have a character you want done drop a comment. If you're the artist of the naga warrior and you hate this, tell me what I need to fix and lets get it the way you want it. Regardless, thanks for reading.

Naga Warrior STL

IPFS: file download


This is really cool. Excellent job modelling a 2d image.

This is so cool!! I noticed you hadn't received an upvote from the @steemmonsters account, so I gave you one! :) Keep up the nice work! I love Naga especially, you picked one of my favorites!

Thanks! I was really hoping the post would have spawned requests for more, but I guess that is the nature of things.

I think it would be cool to see the Grumpy Dwarf. I've planned to get a 3d printer for some time now. Printing steemmonsters may be what finally pushes me over 🤣

I'll see what I can do. Thanks for suggesting it.

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I love how you used IPFS for this . I pinned this file to my personal node account. :) Keep it decentralized. Great work! We hope to include 3d Printed files for our services as well. Thanks for posting this, I had never even thought about it before, so never thought about adding backups to support them.

Thanks! And yeah I don't see why we don't use IPFS for most content we want to "share." Had I been thinking correctly I would have put the blend4web file on there as well. At some point I think I might spend a few cycles to make a thingaverse type site but one that accepts steem and uses ipfs for storage.

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Realllyyyy nice work here, i love the sword like crazy... But why did you choose a half serpentine face?

If you look at the source picture the mouth and eyes are much larger and extend further back on the head than a human's. This could be stylistic, but the lack of human eyes and her little boop of a nose gave me the impression of a viper.

But I could change it rather trivially. I'm going to leave it up to the original artist to find my post and request it though.

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