Ugly, but smiley :)

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Hello !

Today, let's talk about a new conversion of a graphite sketch, with Art Rage.

I already presented quickly the original drawing in an old post last year. The sketch was forgotten in a pile of sheet of paper during months, until last week when I stumbled upon it.

I decided it would worth a try at a digital conversion, with some new coloring tests under Art Rage. This one will be my first step on

Original version

It was started as an abstraction, playing with curves, and slowly became "something". If drawing spontaneously was like travelling in unknown lands, we could call this an encounter.

Picture preparation

The raw initial picture was too pale... Some contrasts adjustments had to be done.

Playing with color curves under gimp, I ended with two versions, one of which unexpectedly gave me an interesting blue ambiance, the other one a nice mate realistic rendering.

What about a mix of these ?

Next steps : Art Rage painting

Started yesterday early in the morning, ended late in the night, with some breaks, I think I've put something like 10 hours on it. Testing, correcting, and changing my mind once or twice :p
I recorded a few hours of the job, but couldn't find time for editing the raw stuff yet.

Final Version

After a few hesitations about the finishing touch, I finally opted to end the work on this one. Although I admit that I could have spent a lot more time on it, because I had several other options to explore, a choice had to be made. :)

The final limited edition of the picture will be posted a few minutes after this article will be published. Five copies for sale.

That will be all for today. I think I'll come back on the creation process with a video, depending on the spare time I'll have this week :)

Meanwhile, thanks for your time and reading,

And, see you next time !

Berien 2019

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Many thanks for people who already did it, this helped a lot, and same for those of you who will :)

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Love, love this one, Pascal <3 I really like how you added so much depth and volume in the face through the use of contrast, colours, and layering of textures and definition :) I love the design of the face as it is, and the final result for this piece gives him a little bit more personality, through colours! <3

He looks like he's a little happy about something... I think his smile is quite friendly and wonderful, hahaha <3


Thank you Miss Liske ! :D
Glad you liked it :)
Yes the drawing's mood derailed quickly during the colour work from the dark vision I initially had based upon the graphite sketch :)

Looks kind of scary and sinister all in one. Seriously loads of detail went into this. I like how you said you played with it until something appeared. Amazing what you can produce when you are not sure what is going to come next or where you will end up.


Yes, tons of unexpected things await to be created. To pop out, they often simply require someone who doesn't know what they're doing when they do it :D

Thanks for the comment, @cryptoandcoffee. Have a great day :)

Hi berien,

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Huge thanks ! :)

It looks beautiful! the macabre theme and the amount of detail on something that introduces dread. I'd definitely not want to see this image in a nightmare.


Ahahah ! Thank you, @adamada :D

Something funny happened while I was working on it : there has been a step at which I ceased at perceiving it as an evil creature... Something in the smile or the eye, I don't know, made me see it as being simply different, ugly for sure, but not evil :D


I beg to disagree. That creature is beautiful in my twisted perspective :D


Ah, ah ! :)


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Thanks a bunch ! With such cakes I won't fit for long in my trousers :D

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Thanks a lot, @art-venture, really appreciated :)

I must say I feel a bit like an usurper towards the other people you highlighted in the magazine: even if the sketch was done with a good old pencil, the whole coloring work was digitally done :)

Very interesting result you came up with. I love on these art projects seeing how the art progresses from the first draft to the final product. The blue in the background and the green on the face really complement each other. And it almost looks like another face on the neck. I agree, it no longer looks evil in the final version. Great piece of work!


Thank you @blueeues8960 ! :)
I find too that work-in-progress states are very interesting, either when looking at other people's work than when considering mine.

After all, the final piece is only what marks the end of a learning session.

New insights, bits of skills and knowledge are the main "product" of a work session and are gathered during these intermediary steps, not at the end :)

Thanks for the kind comment, and have a nice day :)


@berien@berien You are most welcome. Yes indeed, the learning process is very interesting to watch. It adds so much more than to just look at the finished product. Keep up the good work!
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I like the part when you said that you just started to play with shapes until it became something - a great sign of creativity! 10 hours is a lot but I'm sure that you enjoyed it :) And I also like the title of this artwork :) It is indeed ugly but looks somehow happy and made me smile as well :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Thanks a lot @delishtreats :)

I had to abandon since long any pretention to be the leader of my own creative process... In my specific case, that never ends well... and I like happy endings :D

Thanks again for the comment, have a great day :)

Haha, it took me some time to realize that it is a head. For some reason, I thought it is a seas sponge :P But great level of detail :P How does the utilization with BAT work? I am really interested in this token :)


I really like this one i love the dark theme to it, the blue in the back ground makes the details in the head stand out better. It does look like its smiling or just showing its teeth lol nice job on this one resteemed it.


Many thanks !
That blue background wasn't expected at all initially. It popped out while playing randomly with colour curves settings, which highlighted the paper's refraction.
Rule #1: Always put a bit of chaos in the work's recipe 😁

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You got some sick skills dude. Very fascinating. There is always some beauty in those form of art and how I am amazed by how the artists like you do some miracle with the use of digital touches and I really find it wonderful. I am not good at drawing and never really do the digital drawing, but I am always fascinated by those. You are all incredible.

Good job! Looking forward to your next sketches! Way to go man!


Thanks a lot for you very kind comment @edencourage :)
Really appreciated, and motivational :)

Have a very nice day :)

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hi @berien
first the title attracted my curiosity! I thought of course it was referring to a girl! Then from the drawing it looked like a jellyfish !! When you say that in the end it didn't seem ugly to you, I tell you what it is: do you know the Stockholm syndrome ?? :-D
Having said that, I like a lot to see how the work of an artist evolves, step by step, 10 hours of work well done! But is this part of your job or is it your passion?
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us


Thanks for the comment @road2horizon :)
Nah ! I'm not that beast's hostage, am I ? :D

It's not my job, even if I've traded a part of my revenues for more time per day dedicated to drawing and painting. I'm declared as a professional artist for the spare occasions I have to sell some pieces, but I have so much to learn in marketing and commercial domains that... well... that's not really working... (yet ? :p )

Anyways, thanks again, and have a nice day ! ;)


well, it's nice to know you're on your way! being able to maintain oneself with one's passion must be very satisfying and you will see that you will get there !! And you will also learn all the secrets of the business! good luck

I don't know about "smily", but that is one hell of an ugly head.
Great work with the colors and textures.
A really scary creature you got there


He, he :)
It made think about accepting difference while working on it... I guess I could seem as ugly from his/her/its point of view than it is from mine :D

That has set some specific points to take care at for whenever I might have to deal with living beings representation : importance of eyes and expressivity.

Anyways : Thanks for the comment :)

(Oh ! BTW : great striking short text you wrote there : - Can't find really constructive comment to post as an answer there, but I realized how badly informed I was about Venezuela's situation... Something more to add to my fix-it list... Media coverage is so awful in France. Thanks for sharing :) )


Thank you for the feedback.
As I have always said it, nothing like living it
Many people, who think about themselves as progressive, have expressed solidarity for the Venezuelan government, just because they want to keep their anti-imperialist agenda, without pausing to consider that not all so-called progressive/reactionary/leftist government are actually doing something to vindicate the rights of "the people", allegedly violated by capitalist/rightist rulers.
I feel really depressed when I hear an american or a european criticize their coutries and put some of the leftist latin american governments as an example of what a government for the people should be like.
They have to come here and live under our circumstances, not as a special guest, like so many have come. Only then they will se the beast right to the eye and know that whatever is going wrong in their countris is nothing in comparison.


In all honesty, I'd be among the first ones to criticize my own country... An European one. Still rather comfortable to live in.

I'd criticize, but not because it could be like this ideal other country, elsewhere, with this great imaginary ideal leader.

I'd criticize my country with the plain conscience that it could be worse. Not worse than other countries. Just worse than it is, worse than it has already been in history. And that's the path that has been chosen by our leaders since a couple decades.

My grand-parents' and their parents generation have struggled against their own governments, they've earned most of the rights that our last presidents, with no programs but with rich networks, have sold to billionaires and big companies.

I can't and won't compare our problems with other countries' tragedies, furthermore when I'm convinced our own nations have taken their benefits into these.

As you said : nothing like living it : trying to guess what feels Venezuelan people while living in France would be a nonsense. We don't have the perception of what happens in Venezuela. We could only project, in the narcissistic way, an image of what we think is the worse scenario we could live, to an unknown universe that has probably lived far worse than that.

But It's a duty for each individual to protect every bit of freedom that has been granted to him, and if we don't criticize our governments while we can still do it (without excessive violence in response) when would we do ?


That is the most compelling answer to the issue I have read in years.
That should be the attitude.
Some people who did not know me before the chavista era think that my criticizing the current government comes from a somehow self-hating attitude resulting from my blind love for the historically oppressive powers.
I have always been critical of (any) government, period; that's the duty of any human being with a functional brain. That is what makes governments create good governance. People will have the kind of politicians and governments that they demand.
If they settle for less (criminal, mediocre, corrupt, ruthless) just because it is assumed that all politicians/governments are the same, then that's what we'll get.
Part of that is what made the chavismo become the monster it became.
I applaud your lucid and insightful view on the subject.

It looks like real, 3d kinda. It reminded me of voldemort from Harry Potter's , This should have been the Voldemort face, what a serious scary deathly look.

Amazinggggggggggg :):)


Ah, ah ! Many thanks @vibesforlife for the kind comment which vibrates with life and energy, as your nickname :D
Much appreciated! ;)

Have a great day :)


You too have a good day :)

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