"The Yellowish Twisted Woodsman" - Graphite on medium wood tablet

in art •  11 months ago

Hello steemians :)

Sharing a small-sized graphite drawing on MDF panel (12/18cm).

The poor tree doesn't seem to be very happy to be my coloring experiment's subject... It probably doesn't like that over-yellowed atmosphere it's been dipped into...

The Twitsted Woodsman

I used watercolors for the first yellowish layer, and I was pleased to see it preserved the original graphite drawing rendering.


Maybe does The Twisted Woodsman imagine that slowly drying varnish layer I've just laid was the last step of my experiments... But nope... Just a step.

I'll try to play with some other translucent colors above varnish. As always with my weird obsession about old imaginary souvenirs, the goal will aim at getting some vintage effect.

I'm not sure about what will happen with next stages, so I prefer posting this one before everything goes more wild and more ugly :D

Time to say farewell to our dear twisted woodsman...
May we see him in another post, another day.

See you, and take care :)

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I like the yellowing. It gives it a whole somber, haunted effect.


Thanks @jodytabs :)
I must say that I took that picture of it this night under artificial light. Now I see the original in daylight, I realize how amplified this yellow looks in the post :D

That was a happy experiment with the yellow watercolor treatment. It really makes an impactful effect.


Thanks @momzillanc glad you liked :) (and sorry for delay on that answer : couldn't access to steemit during a few days :) )


You’re welcome. Don’t sweat the delay. Hope everything is squared away for you now and you have no more issues accessing Steemit.

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