The Beastiary 2 just got released! Here's my work in it! :) - Part 2

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Goodday everyone!

I hope you are all doing alright?
Last week I shared with you a first batch of creatures I created for Pathfinders Beastiary vol.2

As it was a bit too much for 1 post, I figured I'd make this second to make sure you won't be downloading 10mb of images in 1 go :')

Just as I mentioned in the last post:

All images are licensed and copyrighted by Paizo Publishing.

Too many times do i find artwork to be stolen, used in games, printed on stuff that was never asked, discussed or paid for.
Please don't..

Here we go;

Quickling & Gorgon


Jellyfish Giant & Cave Fisher


Hope you like it! ^^
I'm working on more of their books, and some are set to release in a few months.. so ill be sure to share them with you as well!

Have a fantastic day!

Rogier / @beekart


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