The Beastiary 2 just got released! Here's my work in it! :)

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Hey Cryptonians!

Hope you are all doing well?
Last week the latest Beastiary volume 2 got released for the Pathfinder RPG.
As with most Pathfinder and Starfinder books - yours truly has contributed some work to them! :D

Here's what I made for it!


BTW - All images are licensed and copyrighted by Paizo Publishing.
Believe me.. you don't want to get those people on your TAIL - so don't even think about stealing this and using it yourself...
As of lately this has been happening a LOT!

The BogStrider


The Draugr


The Mohrg and Golem Carrion


There are a few more, but I'll have those posted in a second post as I worry this is already more than enough MB to download in 1 blogpost! :D

Thank you for watching, I hope you like it!.. tho.. they are all a bit freaky! :D

Rogier / @beekart


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