Speed Painting a Pirate Girl!

in #artlast year

Hi my fellow Cryptonians!! :)

Hope you are all in good health?
Today I have a timelapse video with some drawing and painting tips for you!

The total time of the painting took about - 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I don't often draw these sort of Stylized portraits, so it was actually quite difficult ^^
Gimme Monsters and ORCS instead!!! :D

Anyway , i hope you like it! And hopefully learn something!

Any questions, comments or requests?! Please leave them below ^^

Thanks everyone!

Rogier // @beekart


Nice work!
I like that you captured it on video.

Thanks! :D

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Like your version of pirate girl, digital tools open a great door for Artists to work and improve their characters without throwing away some spoiled paper or canvas. Really nice work!