Drawing an Orc - Step by Step

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Hey Steemers!

I've been around the Steemit boards for about a week now.
I'm enjoying all the cool content and art coming by,,, i wish i found it sooner!

And I've been seeing all these cool artists posting alot of traditional work.. Then I figured I have only really shared my digital stuff with you guys.. but from time to time I do find the time to some pencil or pen drawings.

So here is an Orc I 've drawn a little while back with all the progress shots along with it!

If you have any questions, comments or requests?! Feel free to post them below!
The finished results first.. now how we got there.. follow me alright! :)
So I started with a simple outline, and sketching in all the shapes that i want the face to have.
I keep progressing the same way, filling in more of the shapes with shading.. Values in this phase are important, don't go TOO dark in places as you might still want change things later on.
In this part I really make decisions on where to shade is darkest and how i pull out and create depth using bounce and rimlights.20170405_182710.jpg
Continue detailing and shading, building up the values further..
Here it is almost done, just matter of filling in the eyes and making the darks even a little darker :)

And done!! :)

Hope you like it!

Again if you have any questions, comments or requests!? Leave the below!

Don't forget to follow me if you enjoy this kind of stuff!



do you play dungeons and dragons? I do and I draw maps for it in my blog.

I do not,, i want to.. atleast once! :D cool ill check it out

The texturing looks real good, luv it.

Thanks bro! :)

great detail

You have a great ability with the pencil, buddy! Really! Good potential!

very good picture, you are great @beekart :)

hahah Thanks mate :)

You are welcome @beekart Nice to meet you :)

Wow that is awesome. That is some great skill you have. I'm glad I ran across it.

thank you very much ^^

:D thank you ! ! ^^

Great work! Hope to see other drawings like this!I'm training on my drawing skills but I would be good as you! When did you start ? Did you have a drawing course ?

Thanks! I started drawing seriously about 8.5/9 years ago. :) nope, i taught myself to drawn and paint :)

I wish I was this talented. I wasnt too bad when I was a kid... but still not a natural talent and never practised enough to become good... LOL But You are amazing :D

I only started drawing like 8,5 years ago, before that I wasnt particulary good at it at all :D stickmen where my specials XD But with practice you get better for sure.. atleast i did :D not so much talent i think,,

You are very talented. Glad You have kept practising because it is amazing what You do.

I have one request! Please, copy paste your talent in to my brain :D

Haha if only that was possible huh :D

cool stuff! great skill! thanks again for sharing!
Question. have you ever played Warcraft 2 (on PC)
I couldn't help but thinking of it :)

Thanks man! Yeah ofcourse :D 1,2 and 3 plus expansions ^^

cool beans!

that makes me wonder how old you are.
I am 35 and I played Warcraft II a lot when I was maybe 13/ 14 years old
never played part 1
I only played 3 a little bit :)

I turned 31 last april :D Warcraft 1 I played around 10/11/12 etc i think.. can't really remember... I was young when i started playing games, i had an older brother so i just tagged along ^^

I see and understand :)
I got a 9 years younger brother, who is 26 now
he grew up with a computer and games and started making games with game maker when he was 11 or so. started an indie game company when he was 19 and could retire now if he wanted too ;)
it was fun seeing him grow up like this and supporting him

You've got some talent there, thanks for the post.

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