Creation of NavGuy - A Cryptocurrency mascot

in art •  5 months ago

Hey Whalesorz!

Hope you are doing alright? :)
Almost a year ago I bought some of my first crypto currencies.. Nav Coin..
As the noob as I was I just bought it because i thought the logo and styling looked nice.. that it was very appealing and I figured (as i come from the graphical industry) that that would be an important feature in the future.

The more I got involved with the Nav Coin community the more fond i got of this coin.
Where last year during the bull market and Nav was shooting for the skies I every now and then shared a fun little cartoon in the discord to keep everyone entertained.

And thus.. Nav Guy was born! Based on sort of their lead developer just a little different.. a super friendly little dude going through the life of a cryptocurrency! :)

Here are some of the cartoons I made for it.

NavGuy - Nav Community recruitment poster


NavGuy - Community Fund


NavGuy - To The moon


NavGuy - Take on a Bear


NavGuy - Blockfolio


Beside all this stuff.. Nav Coin is quite an interesting project with a lot of development and features coming soon that will really make this a good alternative to many many coins.

So.. check it out if you can! :)

Rogier / @beekart

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As usual, @beekart endless imagination and skill made this great.
Guy going to the moon is my favorite, or the first one..🤔..hard choice..


haha thank you @jungwatercolor :)
Hope you get a few Nav's yourself!

Sometime soon a new faucet will come online too maybe you can get a few for nothing ;)

I love nav guy! I don't have any nav tho :/


you should get some! :D It's a really awesome project .. been around for years!