Character Design Demo - May 2020 - Hidia

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Hey everyone!

I've just completed another Character Demo for my YT channel.
In this video I show a timelapse of how I go from silhouette to final line art and coloring.

This is a follow up on the Character Design I did a few days ago which can be seen here:

These 2 characters come from the same 'storyline' that I made up.
Where this character functions as a 'Mule' for the other one.

The storyline I worked with goes as follows;

" Vesta (The character from the previous post) has taken Hidia under her wings. After freeing her from her abusive drunk father - who blamed her for everything bad in his life -. Hidia was mistreated by her father he whole life, as she was an extremely large baby, her mother lost her life at childbirth. Her father blamed Hidia for killing the love his life - Due to her enormous size and strength her father forced her into becoming his walking mule, traveling from town to town as a merchant.

Vesta - who saw how this poor girl was treated and abused by her father - knew she had to come into action. Knowing how she would definitely be able to use a girl like Hidia on her adventures and respect her for her talents, she seduced her father away from Hidia. After her father never came back in the morning, Vesta used all the charm she had to convince Hidia to come with her, she would show her the world, treat her better and become her best friend."

I use these kind of stories to design character - knowing what their backstory is, it helps me portray character and design outfits that fit into the narrative.

See the full video;

Hope it will be useful to you!
Thank you for watching!


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