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Hey everyone!

Today i share one of my recent Starfinder Commissions.
This person's character was a sort of Sci-Fi detective guy - Dak Miller


I messed about with the silhouette first, finding a correct pose and size for the character.
Once I felt I had something I could work with, i drew over a sketch, finding the right design elements.
In that fase i still very much 'scribble' - and no real 'detail' is drawn.

That comes in the next fase - The Detailed Line Art - in which i really flesh out the design for the clothing.
Once I have that down - i start painting the character.. Here some elements change still, as some design choices work way better as Line Art, instead of painted 'art'.

I haven't recorded the process of this guy, but at least we still have the screenshots! :)

I hope you like it!
Below you will find some more close-ups!

Thanks for reading/watching!

Rogier / @beekart

Dak Miller - paint1.jpg



WOW!!! just in love... what a level of detail, you are definitely the best. <3 <3 <3

haha not even close! ^^

For me you are!

My dream is to become like you or Wlop, or a touch of both. ;)

Welll you are on your way! :D Keep practicing, studying and working hard! :)

Sure, sir yes sir... now I feel more motivated than ever because of your comments. ;)

very cool artwork! It is awesome! I love how you worked the clothes! I know that is really hard to blend colors and emulate the dress.

Thank you ! :)
Yah.. painting cloths is a bitch rofl :D

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