Art - The Monster Within - HellBoy

in art •  4 months ago

Hey Steemerz!

Hope you are all doing fine!

Today I'd like to share an illustration I did a few weeks ago, right before i flew off to Comic Con!

It is more illustrative image of HellBoy.
I made this to sell as an SDCC exclusive Print and was lucky enough to indeed sell a few to the people there.

Frankly I forgot to share it overhere.. so.. Better late than never right!

I painted this in one go, without layers or a sketch, so I don't have any progress shots to share :(
Sorry! It is a lot more illustrative and 'artsy' than my normal work, but i had a lot of fun painting this!
I hope you like it too!

Thanks for watching,

see you soon!

Rogier / @beekart

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really cool hellboy fanart <3 love the colour scheme and composition <3 so stylish !!!


hihih thank you so much! ^^

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Mind blowing work as always brother!! :))


thank you so much ;) always appreciated :D

I like the minimalist red and black that you used sparingly here to insinuate HellBoy the character. I think it makes him look more mysterious and appealing :).


Thank you, I indeed tried my best to portray the 2 sides of the character in a more illustrative way :D

really cool hellboy fanart!


Thank you very much :) @inedido

Fantastic work! Are prints available?


Thank you so much! :)
There are indeed prints available. Just a few signed ones left, as this was a limited edition print. You can contact me on discord - @beekart or email me through my website if yo uwant to arrange something. :)

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