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Hey everyone! Hope you are doing fantastic today? :)

Every now and then I try to find time to doodle.. Most of the time these doodles get deleted or painted over.. rarely is it something that survives..

The reasons that i 'doodle' is to get some ideas down, find ideas, practice certain light or materials or compositions.

These rarely take more than 30 mins and its purely meant to experiment.

I figured it would be fun to show some of the ones that didn't get deleted over time, but actually made it to being a .jpg :)

The most recent one:

Here are some that are quite a bit older..
Most of these have never seen the Light of 'internet' :P
As i usually keep this stuff private and locked away in some dark corner on the harddisk..

Anyway.. if i have another batch to share in the future I'll let you know ;)

Thank you for watching,

Rogier / @beekart

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Your doodles are all awesome, Rogier. They are also so different from one another, and looking at them in succession make me feel that you truly enjoy drawing, which is a beautiful thing.    
I like the first one the most, it looks finished enough for me :).              
With your talent, too bad you don't get a partner to enter the contest. I'm sure you'll be able to whip up something amazing even if it's only 3 days to go :).                  


Thank you @scrawly :) I try my best! .. practice , practice , practice! Right! :)
I once started drawing because I hated my job.. i kept drawing because I loved drawing.. so i guess ur right :D

I think they are all great, I doodle myself very slowly lol. tell me in the first it is just observing the deer, yes they are gonna "connet"


Thanks! ;)

Haha.. uhh sure he's gonna connect :o


ohhh poor hunters that may afterwards... I'd not try to hunt that deer after they bond LOL then the lasers can come for the hunters hihi :)

Wow Rogier !!! These are amazing <3 What beautiful pieces ... you are incredibly talented * ___ * Love them all, and I can relate about getting time to 'doodle' ... all i can say is that you should find more such time to doodle, cuz the results are incredible <333333333


Thank you so much @veryspider :) :) <3

Appreciate all the kind words! ^^

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Do these doodles take you 30 minutes to make? Wow!!

You should not keep them private, they are great!! I love to see more of them!

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you so much! Well .. most of these kind of doodles end up in the trashbin or never getting saved at all so .. its already quite unique that they are out here on interwebz! :P :P

Damn professinal...your lightning and shadow technique Looks simple but its on Perfect spot😲👍🏼


thank you @bronkong ! :) Appreciate it!

the first is a hunter with his prey? the deer will cease to exist at some moment hehehe are very good, I like that of the girl has several little hairs hehehe
doing fast things you are very good.


Hehe could be.. maybe the robot is just taking a look and appreciating the pretty deer taking a zip of water ;)


Hehehehe good, in an alternate universe, it can be.
A few days ago I made my first digital, WOW! I take a lot more time than I thought, of course it is not very good or detailed heeheeh if it was not my first time using the tablet with the PS with a drawing and not just crazy lines, is like my grandmother with a phone "for What's this, oh and that? " hehehe
When I published it, I took the boldness and named you so that you could give me your point of view and say how many mistakes I had.
I would appreciate it if you see it! On the other hand, I was going to ask you what was your first digital drawing? Do you have it there at hand? to see it or a link.

These are great! I love seeing into the “sketchbook” of other artists. That most recent one is especially interesting. I like the juxtaposition of the nature/robot, and grey/red.

I know what you mean though, so many times it’s about just getting an idea down, or experimenting, and you end up with a pile of sketches that never see the light of day. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @offbeatbroad !
That latest one was a pretty easy idea and keeping everything so dark/silhouette-ish made it quickly look like something finished :P

Most of the time things get trashed, not that i find them a fail or whatever.. i try to not leave a sketch annoyed if you know what i mean.. just try to go like 'ehh.. okay .. next time i pursue this ill do it better' :P

LOL, at first I taught you were talking about "Doodles" from Google (English is not my first language) then I got really surprised of your illustration skills, are they all digital right?.
What are you waiting to show us a final work from you. Greetings from Argentina!


Thanks mate! Yeah this is all digital work ;)
Check out my profile here on steemit.. im sure there are posts up there with finished pieces ;)

Cheers mate!

i really like art and drawing and i do illustration.
please see my post we can support each other.