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in art •  5 months ago

Hey Steemers!

Last night I was watching football ( Ajax - AEK Athens ) and I decided to make a quick study.
It was perfect as i limited myself to 1 half.. 45 mins.

I had 45 mins to paint the Doc from Back to the future, no longer! I of course got myself a ref as I approached this as a study and wanted to get as close to the photo as possible.

At the end I let that ambition go and decided to make a bit more painterly and add some overall color.. this was first black and white**.

I wanted to show you some progress shots, but when I do studies, i work on 1 layer only,, so there's nothing to share on that part! Sorry!

When i have some more time I will make some more studies, perhaps record the process so everyone can have a look and see how i approach these.

I hope you like it nonetheless!


Rogier / @beekart

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Pretty lovely for a 45 minutes study. You captured the expression well and maybe even made him slightly younger lol.  
Well done :).                


hehee yeh the ref i got was a movie still .. an old movie still so the resolution on that was crap.. guess it made him have a more smooth skin than he should have ;)))

Aaaah the doc ! Love how you capture his personality so well with this portrait :D There's an energy to his eyes! So intense and very much HIM :D


thank you so much :D glad you like it! He's always a bit intense yeh haha

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I know that movie! Never managed to watch it to the end as I really didn't like it but I recognize the guy :D Did it only take you 45 minutes? WOW! Well done!


ohhhww :D but the movie is quite fun :P Because it is quite rediculous! ;)

You got great skills !


Thank you very much! :) Glad you like it!

impressive only 45 minutes !!! Congratulations ❤

Doc! Back To The Future is one of my favorite movie series. I can't even count how many times I've sat through it. I feel like they are constantly playing it on TV so whenever I catch it, I have the compulsion to sit through all three. But that's a mighty fine drawing for 45 minutes. I wish I knew how to render things in that painterly way.


Haha it is the same with me :D
It is probably one of the movies I saw the most.. together with stuff like ace venture and police academy :')

It's going to be a cliche, predictable response to this, but, "Great Scott!"


hahaha :D classic ;)