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Welcome to Beastly Tales. Each has a message, a moral. All are meant to have an element of humour. Naturally, any names included do not depict real folk but are included as part of the joke.

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(As with Beastly Banter Beastly Tales is written and illustrated by Richard Hersel.)

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Richard Hersel



To be very keen on entomology,
You need a certain psychology.
Insect types are manifold, each type most populous,
Comprising many shapes both slender and globulous.
A small invertebrate animal with segmented body,
With six legs and construction not at all shoddy.
There exists many strange and wonderful types,
Some express beauty, whilst others cause gripes.
The Dung Beetle is most impressive,
Rolling dung balls large and compressive.
The dung balls are many times his size,
He rolls them up-side-down which is very wise.
Of course, one of the most beautiful is the butterfly,
An astonishing colour kaleidoscope as they flutter and fly.
The firefly really lights up the night,
Providing tantalizing flashes of light.
The Bombadier Beetle may be on your grounds,
Firing explosive projectiles in multiple rounds.
So many strange and fascinating things,
Some with many legs, and some with long wings.

Not in any sense an entomologist,
Freddie was a bit of a pest.
He revelled in doing things that irked,
It seemed this duty he never shirked.
Practical jokes were his favourite thing,
Like running away after your doorbell he’d ring.
Calling the coppers on false pretence,
Gave Freddie a type of pleasure immense.
When the coppers arrived with siren and bell,
Freddie would hide, sniggering, until it did jell,
On the coppers that they had been had,
And they immediately suspected a very bad lad.
For they had experienced Freddie before,
And they weren’t ready now for anything more.
What, I hear you ask, had this to do,
With the science of insects? I’ve got no clue.
Except that Freddie, looking for another bad gag,
Decided upon something brand new for his gag bag.
He had noticed a nest of paper wasp things,
Feisty little critters with high speed wings.
But most of all with a powerful bite,
A vicious sting that makes one run with fright.
Freddie conjured up this new idea,
Of doing something so very queer,
Concerning these wasps, that most folks frighten,
And coppers whose net on Freddie was about to tighten.
Thought Freddie, I’ll make another false copper call,
But this time I’ll have the biggest surprise of all.
For when the coppers in a flurry arrive,
I’ll open up, not just a bee hive,
But an angry paper wasp nest,
Will give them reason to allow me a rest.
Always blaming me for every false alarm,
Such a campaign lacks certain charm.
And so Freddie did just what he said,
The coppers to receive bites with spots very red.
The coppers arrived, saw him, and charged,
“There’s Freddie, Let’s get him”, and forward they barged.
Freddie backed up a metre or two,
Until he could reach a box in which paper wasps flew.
The wasps were angry, fit to burst,
Ready to attack, to do their worst!
Freddie threw the box towards the charging cops,
Knowing the lid would open when the box flops,
Onto the ground, amid the copper attack,
And the wasps would sting their face, arms and back.
Setting the coppers into full retreat,
Making them wish they were still on the beat.
Instead of members of a “flying squad”,
Now not “flying” but careful where they trod.
But in the end the coppers had the last laugh,
Compensation for their retreat, not by half.
They charged Freddie with using a weapon offensive,
A charge of which Freddie was very defensive.
How can a paper wasps nest be a threat?
If all they have are stingers to jet,
Toxin multiple times, and yet again
Causing some discomfort and a little pain.
Whilst coppers do carry on their very large belt,
An assortment of instruments to shoot, hit and pelt,
Their unfortunate victims, both big and small,
Whether they’re peaceful or inclined to brawl.
They can be “waspish”; that’s irritable and snappish,
Formidably aggressive and rather crapish.

And so in jail, Freddie did pine,
Awaiting sentence, including a fine.
Determined to limit his bag of tricks,
To things not entomological for his weird kicks.


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So the trouble maker finally is caught. And the moral of the story is eventually one's misdeeds catches up on them?

I really like the various works of poetry and photos let me Resteem your best poems and photos.

Thanks, glad for you to resteem.

"Some express beauty, whilst others cause gripes" from entomology.. to Freddie's misdemeanor; what a talented poet and writer you are.

lol, would i say Freddie was a kind of clown,doing things that irked and master at mischief. @beastlybanter, you nailed it; Combining entomology and Freddie the bit of a pest.

From entomology, straight to freddie the stubborn boy and back to entomology, @beastlybanter you are such a gifted writer with great perspective and imagination i am impressed.

Thank you.

Oh Freddie, you naughty boy! :))))

I need to admit, I was like Freddie while being a child, but I was stick to ringing the bell and run. haha :)
Your stories are simply amazing. So excited reading all of them!

Your post was really interesting for me reading it and i must commend you for your writing skills. Kudos👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Your such an amazing writer.

Great stuff, enjoy reading all your poems.

nice phosto:

nice post follow you blog thanks...

On Freddie's spiky hair was applied
a certain thickening jell
that stingy paper wasps did really like the smell
unbeknownst to this trouble maker
he soon became the victim of his own silly caper

Thank you I really like your posts they are super fun and you are amazingly consistent in your posts.

I'd agree that wasps can be an offensive weapon, they hurt a lot. I think Freddie got what was coming to him. Very clever.😁


great poetry and beautiful words with a neat arrangement. makes me really enjoy writing this poem

Not one of my favourite reads of yours so far but still a good read. Thanks for sharing.

Wow it is indeed humorous! You got me LOL. And the illustration makes it great.

Me encantó el payaso y este! Increíble Richard, saludos. Siempre presente.

Interesante lectura! buen Post.

You have a really good potential of writting. Go ahead dear. Liked your poem.
Thank You

Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, when will you learn if any,
You're a plonker a litte bonkers, a slightly compared drongo who lacks plenty.