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Welcome to Beastly Tales. Each has a message, a moral. All are meant to have an element of humour. Naturally, any names included do not depict real folk but are included as part of the joke.

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(As with Beastly Banter Beastly Tales is written and illustrated by Richard Hersel.)

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Richard Hersel



“What ‘ave we ‘ere?” So said the Master,
Reviewing the scene of complete disaster.
“What ’ave we ‘ere?” The Master repeated.
Contemplating the scene, feeling defeated.
“This ‘ere’s a result of a foolish battle,”
“When folk failed to talk, and sabres did rattle!”
“They attacked afore we could position,”
“An’ now those poor sods, all need a physician.”
“They wiped us out, good an’ clean.”
“This is the worst battle aftermath I ever seen!”

Dead bodies lay scattered, all over the scene,
Many wounded could be heard, moaning, they lay where they’d been.
So, did this inept army win or lose?
You could say whichever answer you wish to choose.
For, really, no-one wins at war,
Can you name such a victory you ever saw?
History cancels out temporary benefit, that’s true.
Many historians don't have a clue,
Later generations forgive and forget,
So, best to avoid confrontation, and yet,
That is now what history records for us.
So often folk are figuratively thrown under a bus!

Lord Fortesque was famous for refraining from war.
When challenged he’d lay down on the floor.
This resulted in being known as a coward,
But kept him safe from a hostile crowd.

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