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Welcome to Beastly Tales. Each has a message, a moral. All are meant to have an element of humour. Naturally, any names included do not depict real folk but are included as part of the joke.

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(As with Beastly Banter Beastly Tales is written and illustrated by Richard Hersel.)

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Richard Hersel



When he was very much younger Otto stole a kiss
From a most delectable little miss
They were both at a Bavarian School,
She to learn the Golden Rule,
Otto to learn to be a darned fool.
On his way to school, Otto would pick a flower bouquet,
The cemetery Robber was Otto’s own sobriquet.
And present it to Annalisa, for that was her name.
Hoping she would cooperate with the Otto aim.
His aim was to take her to the moving pictures,
Where he could kiss her with far less strictures.
Otto had been stealing flowers from the cemetery
The owners wouldn’t notice, and neither did he,
But one most regrettable day it did prove,
That a condolence card he’d forgot to remove.

Annalisa asked why another named was to “Rest in Peace”,
Otto thought quickly, “It means “Best in Please,”
“Which means I think you're the best!”
“And only near you I feel at rest.”
Annalisa stared at him for a while,
And then she began to smile,
“Otto, you are such a liar,”
“It’s a wonder your pants aren’t on fire!”
Otto knew he had been caught out,
He knew what contrition was all about.
“I’m ever so sorry my dear, as you can see,”
“That these flowers, indeed, are from the cemetery.”
“But please remember, as your displeasure mounts”
“That ultimately it is the THOUGHT that counts.”

Otto went alone to the moving pictures that night.
All his friends said, “It sure serves him right!”

otto steals a kiss.png

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today's for me is a great poem worthy of the best film between the comic and the drama ... but how do you think about all this ???

Just as you get inspiration for your paintings. Thanks for your comment Armando.

Hahaha, Poor Otto ends up alone again, was Fritz not in his life yet? I think these Otto poems are hilarious.😂😂😂

Fritz never went to school. Thanks for your comment.