Convento das Trinas, Lisbon - Monumental kitchen tiled with Dutch tiles

in art •  8 months ago

Convento das Trinas, Lisbon
Monumental kitchen tiled with Dutch tiles


The extinct Convent of the Trinas do Mocambo owes its existence to the Flemish Cornelius Vandali and his wife, Marta de Boz, who in this place founded a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Soledade in 1657. The convent's construction began shortly after death of the couple and extended for a long time due to economic difficulties, and the complex is still to be completed at the time of the earthquake of 1755. The convent building reflects well the various eras of construction, combining the refinement of spaces decorated with tiles of the first half of the XVIII century with the hasty answer Pombalina to the effects of the earthquake of 1755. In 1910 the doors of the convent closed definitively and the space was used like asylum. In the 40's, the first restoration of the entire convent was completed, and ten years later, its possession was transferred to the Navy, which installed the Hydrographic Institute.


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beautiful construction and tiles. Once I came back to Lisbon - will pay a visit to this site. muito Obrigado!


@roger-that you definitely should! And not only this church! Hope you can come back soon :)


Thanks ! I hope that too!:-)

wow....such beautiful art. Thank you for sharing this photo


@luxcity keep youself connected, I share several art posts, most of them related to my country of course, Portugal :)

I visited Lisboa 1 year ago, I was there! Incredible places!
the tiles are lovely art! here is my souvenir :-)


@marceladiomede is that a base for hot pans? Ahahah such a nice and creative souvenir! I love Portuguese tiles (probably my favorite form of art), but in this special case (and as my article says) the tiles are Dutch. You can definitely notice quite a difference between the two of them. I hope you enjoyed Portugal and maybe you can come back soon! Thank you so much for sharing your experience :)


yes! it is :-)

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