Church of Our Lady of Loreto, Lisbon (Portugal)

in art •  8 months ago

In Chiado, on a small church which is accessed by a staircase with two straight, walled and converging steps, the Church of Our Lady of Loreto or Church of the Italians was erected in 1518 at the request of the Italian community residing in Portugal. Recovered after the earthquake of 1755, the second project of Joaquim António dos Reis Zuzarte, then replaced by José da Costa e Silva, it is a church with a single nave, lined with Italian marble and decorated with stone statues of Evangelists and Apostles. The main chapel, with cradle vault and polychrome marble altarpiece, welcomes the image of the patroness and is surrounded by 12 chapels with paintings and baroque decoration. It stands out in its facade a curious image of Our Lady of the Loreto, with the Boy, and sculptures of Borromini. It is part of the "Lisbon Pombalina", which is classified as a Joint Public Interest.


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