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Hello friends! I hope you all are okay. A friend (Nathalie Anfuso) asked her contacts if they wanted to modify photos taken by her, I liked the idea and I said yes, she sent me her photo and here is the result. hope you like


Hola amigos! espero que estén muy bien. Una amiga (Nathalie Anfuso) pregunto a sus contactos si querían intervenir fotos tomadas por ella, me gusto gusto la idea y le dije que si, ella me envía su foto y aquí esta el resultado. espero que les guste.


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It is a very beautiful digital artwork:) You made a fantastic work with the colours and it is full of summer vibe:)
I would suggest if you like to start posting your artworks at nTopaz platform It is a very supportive art community. Also try to use tags like @c-squared @ocd-resteem @curie to get more attention:)