Natural exchange

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People are often surprised when they learn about new discoveries, about new talents and achievements. Where does this knowledge come from?
This knowledge is like butterflies. They are bright, they come like a flap of a wing, and, as everyone knows, spring will come and butterflies will appear again, so everyone is sure that soon there will be new knowledge that was not known to us.

The oldest means of communication was natural exchange. Perhaps this is the starting point for any civilization.
I liked to read Robert Sheckley's stories, the exchange of minds and the exchange of bodies between representatives of different galaxies, it was cool to read in those days when the words - the Internet, no one knew.

If we combine fiction with the law of conservation of energy, it turns out that energy, inside a confined space, such as a planet, inside its atmosphere and magnetic field, keeps all energy unchanged. The form changes, but the essence does not change, the energy remains the same.

What comes from the outside, or, suddenly, leaves the limits of this energy reservation, violates the energy balance.

I tried to visualize my funny thought. I like to fantasize.
Natural exchange between different worlds, and energy conservation.
How much comes, so much, and leaves.


I used a photograph that I took in a park in Moldova. A ray of sunshine illuminated a narrow path.


Butterflies, I also used from my photographs, which I took earlier.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program Photo-Director, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski

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