“Man On The Moon” - Barry Samways - Original Song

in #art6 years ago


What your about hear that kinda drive put man on the moon
An Pretty Soon I’ll be doin this for a crowd
I aint fuckin around
No fakes allowed
Ima build a name for myself that makes my grandkids proud
Stress familiar as the air I breathe
Kept afloat by the people that believe
doing this for you as well as me!
This that remedy you need
in the form of a beat
restitution of the heart to a melody
and I won’t accept Defeated
despite the odds nah I’m still goin
Couple rough patches
guess I’m still copin
Took the lows as a lesson
No wonder why I’m so well versed
I Made the right progression
No longer feelin like I’m cursued
in a race with my demons just tryna pass the finish line first
A free prolific man
Can Never be defined
Endless levels unrealized
That’s just the nature of creative minds
putttin out these good vibes feelin bliss ever since
you could see I got something to prove just by the way that i tie my shoes
How I’m lookin you directly in the face wit my back straight
confident of the better days await

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Super nice man keep it up

I appreciate you brother thanks for the support!

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