Make Your Phone As Stylish As Possible - Original Steemit Mobile Wallpapers

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I was thinking of how we could promote steemit even more. And i remembered that in today's day and age, we all got our smartphones. We take them everywhere we go, we get connected with anyone we want by making a couple of touches.

And that's when I thought about making wallpapers for steemit with steemit logo on them. As you might know, if you followed me for some time now, I love making cool art. And these wallpapers had to be extra cool and stylish. So when people take a glance at your phone wallpaper they immediately wanna know about it, and then you can tell them all about this beautiful platform called steemit.

So without further ado, i would like to introduce you to original steem it wallpapers that were made by me for you. I made a couple of them because there's a whole lot of us and we all have different taste and preferences. I hope you are going to like them, and maybe some of you might even use them. I know I will!

Wallpaper numero uno

This one's made to be as minimalistic as possible.

Download Full Size

Deep Inside, wallpaper number 2

This one is bit more chaotic but still kinda clean and minimalistic

Download Full Size

Download Full Size

Download Full Size

Sci-fi lover, this one is for you!

I couldn't be making wallpapers and not make one that glows and gives out kinda futuristic and techy vibe. You all gonna dig this one.

Download Full Size

Download Full Size

Flat styled wallpaper, clean and simple

Personally, this one is my favourite and it's gonna be on my home screen for a long time, or at least until I make something that I like even more :D

Download Full Size

Download Full Size

Download Full Size

So what do you think about the wallpapers? Would you use any of them? Under each wallpaper there's a link for download in full size so feel free to do so :D

If you would like to see me do something else, or you have any of your projects that would need some graphics work feel free to contact me. Also if you liked what you saw and you wanna stay updated with the latest of my stuff just follow me and upvote :) If you have any question just leave them in the comments section and i will get back to you as soon as possible. So that's that, till' next time!

Best wishes to you all, @baldos


Wow. Great initiative man, I've downloaded my favourite among them. This will truly add to the more needed publicity. Good job man, keeping it up.

Thamk you man, id like to think so. Thanks for checking it out.

I really like the first one

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