Artwork #13 : Mandala Floral Art | Simple and easy step by step processes provided! 😉🌻

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Greetings Steemit Fellas! This is an another way to learn how to make a mandala artwork by following these easy steps and be a fond of making this geometric artwork.

Hope'ya like it!!!


First grab these basic materials .

• Sketch Pad
• Gel Pen (0.3)
• Pencil
• Compass
• Protractor
• Ruler
• Eraser

Let's start...

Step 1

Draw your guidines (in rays) with 10cm.distances from each other, forming 8 equal rays and circles (smallest to largest) . Use your protractor and ruler for making equal rays and compass for circles.
Blacken a small dot at the center.


Step 2

Draw the desired floral designs of the inside circles. Be consistent of having equal measurements.


Then, trace carefully your designs using your gel pen. Blackening some parts. (Shown Below)


Step 3

Now, draw your outside floral designs. Big petals for more mini designs afterwards. Put some little stars on each end of every biggest petals. (Shown Below 👇)


Then, tracing it carefully.


Step 4

Make your final designs then trace it and blacken some parts of it in order to make it more attractive to viewers. (Shown Below)


Almost There!😉

Step 5

Finalize your artwork. Afterwards erase all the pencil traces (esp. Guidelines and Circles) to make it neat and clean.


Finished! 👏👏

°°° Another Artwork is Done °°°

Thank you so much for visiting my blog .😘 ti'll next artwork. See yeah!

COMMENTS are highly appreciated and feel free to ask QUESTIONS. 😊👍


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Your mandala is beautiful and step by step is very well explained.
Your work of art will be mentioned in our 5 edition of curaduria.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens).
You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


Thank you for the warm appreciation of my artwork. I'm very much greatful to be one of the mentioned. I'm happy to introduce to this community this kind of art which is MANDALA. More Power and God Bless 😊