Mandala Art (watercolor process)

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It's all about the journey..

What do you think is the most enriching part of creating art (of any form) for a creator?

For me, it's the process. The joy of making that art. The process of starting, sorting out supplies, making random decisions, filling up the rough sheet which in itself is another beauty, making mistakes, sorting that out and just doing the whole damn thing.

The art never turns out to be perfect or as you imagined. But it surprises. The journey is so damn beautiful and no one can take away the pleasure or anything that you felt while making it. It's yours forever. For me, I can relate it to life.

Well, today I'm sharing the process pictures of my new creation. It's a mandala art. You can check out more about it in my previous post. For this one, I made many shades by mixing colors. This is how much I've done so far. And solely, coloring it took me good 6-7 hours and a bad neck sprain. Clearly, I'm not complaining :P










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Do share your thoughts and suggestion with me.
See you in the next post :)

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The shades came out so beautiful. Always a delight to see your mandalas <3


Thank you so much :)



It took me a while to understand this :P
Still not sure if I got it right XO


Yes. You got it right. Eyes wide open and jaw dropped. :D