Eye of Horus and steem logo

in art •  15 days ago  (edited)

Today I decided that I was going to do some woodburning. Like usual, homeschooling made it easier because I am able to work on it earlier in the day. I found this circle piece of wood (while looking through some scraps) and instantly thought of an eye. Once I started to work on it I realized that it looked similar to the eye of Horus so I continued along that path and this is how it turned out.

Along with the eye of Horus, I was wanting to do another piece. Last time I did it I enjoyed making the steem logo so I wanted to do it again.
Any tips and questions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Happy Steeming!

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I imagine it would feel completely different to drawing with a pen or pencil.
The only advice I can offer is, keep it up. Experience is the best teacher. 😊

To me the biggest differences from drawing with a pencil are not being able to erase it, and how it sinks into the wood you can see where the lines have a little bit of depth.

I love that you have found a new hobby @aurynthenorse. You can do some really fun things with wood burning, and we definitely have plenty of potential canvases laying around the homestead! I am looking forward to seeing what else you create as you explore a new art!

Thank you @freemotherearth for the positive support. I am also enjoying my new craft

Looks really cool @aurynthenorse! Looking forward to seeing more of your art!

Thanks @jacobpeacock I am glad that you enjoyed it.

I love pyrography 😍 , many years ago I tried to use this on corduroy fabric. I no longer have the pyrograph, that was so long ago. I'm missing the crafts 🤔 ...

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