A simple doodle about my feelings

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Sometimes I feel like I couldn't take it anymore. The 'thing' inside my brain keep eating me slowly. There will be a moment where I'm so happy, peaceful and great but a few moments later, I felt depressed, lonely, sad, angry, and afraid without any reason!

My mood can be swinging in just a few seconds. There will be a time where I want to be loved, to be surrounded by people that can cheer me up, singing and laughing together, and being accompanied. But there's a moment when I felt like I'm better living alone by myself without anyone else interrupting me. I found a peace in that way. But when I sat alone, I felt very lonely, feels like nobody would ever care about me, like I'm nothing.

I'm confused with my own feelings. This doodle can describe it well:


It just a simple doodle. Honestly, I'm not really good at doodling. I don't like to put my attention to the details. But I tried to make one.

Half of myself are happiness and half of them, full of terrible things. And yeah, I have to sit still. Couldn't do anything about that.


Thank you for sharing your doodle and expressing what you feel. I've personally felt the same, however, what I crave the most and can't find is a supporting and loving community that is interested in creating a new way of living that slowly but steadily takes over the destructive western culture. That is, the separatedness, and egotistic ways we have adopted. I've had rough and lonely times, also trying to 'fit' in somewhere where I don't even what to fit in. My friends were only interested in drugs and partying so I had to move on alone.

Now, I stand by myself, but I have been making new friends that more or less want something similar. I did learn to appreciate being alone, because it is something very special too, where different things arise. It's all about balance, I believe. You incubate ideas, projects and other stuff by yourself, then go out and share and interwine your ideas with others. Or maybe just work on yourself, learning to be alone and complete, and then share what you've accomplished with others. It's a nice dynamic. Where I have most trouble is the financial aspects.. My country is a hard place to live in because people are so poor and also there's a lot of criminality. This makes having a business difficult.

I'd talk more about it but it would probably take whole essays hahaha but if you would like to talk, we can through discord. Do you have a discord account?

Have a nice day 😉

Nice doodle! The detailing is fine. In fact, it gives it another "touch" when you don't get so much into the details. Keep up the good work.

Wow, this is the most inspiring comment I've ever got. Glad to know that someone like you can understand what I feel right know. Well, I'm not in your shoes of course. Not living in the same country and the same culture as you, but I know what you're going to say.

We want something different but we can't match it with others. Nobody seems to be care because they're comfortable with what they've been and used to do. And the situation where we lived in sometime make us difficult to go beyond the limit.

I'd love to hear more from you and it's gonna be nice if we can be friend. Here's my discord: atikahnoh#9182 .

Thank you for the compliments and your time to read my post and sharing this to me. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day too😊

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