What’s Even Out There Anyway? A Digital Illustration

in art •  9 months ago

When I was little I used to look out for UFOs whenever the sky was clear. I wanted to see one SO bad, but to this day I never have. I used to imagine witches flying in front of the moon. Like how you’d see in cartoons and children’s books. I tried to find star constellations and watched for falling metorites (those killed the dinosaurs don’t you know?). Other than the rare VERY rare falling star, I haven’t seen anything extraordinary in the night sky. But I’ve always wanted to.

Maybe one day I’ll spot a witch, or an alien. It’s a big universe out there after all, so I’m pretty sure there’s got to be something. I’ll still keep an eye out just in case.

What do you look for?


This illustration created by yours truely using the Procreate App on my IPad Pro along with my Apple Pencil.

Let me know what you think! I love getting feedback from you guys. Makes the void seem less empty, you know?



Be kind, take care of each other, and I hope everybody out there chooses to make it a great day.

I love you all, really!

  • Ash Nau, Artist and Illustrator


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Thank you so much! 😄

when i was 7 i saw a light in the sky. first it was like a sattelite.
well then it flew like zig zag. i was freaking out.
couldn't sleep without light then.
Damn that was creepy back then.


Around the same age I saw a light in the sky and thinking it was a UFO I brought my dad outside to look at it. He informed me then that it was in fact a satellite and my little heart was crushed. It would be scary I think, to really see one in person. That sounds pretty incredible, thanks for sharing your story!


no problem.
my sister also saw it.
at least when i told my parents they didn't thought im somekind of crazy lol

This artwork of yours is so much fun, you know. I admire your written content too, inviting us to imagine what's out there. Here in Texas, we have a mystical phenomenon called "Marfa lights," which is a strange appearance of lights just above the horizon line in this one specific stretch of countryside. Near there is an observatory, where we can see the planets close-up in high-powered telescopes, and we can also see the sun's motion, wavering like a big fireball. I've seen stars twinkle with every color of the rainbow, like faraway jewels. But the most interesting thing I've seen in the sky is a star that traveled across the sky, appearing to become closer and closer, as if watching us, during a certain person's prayer at the Standing Rock Reservation, in North Dakota. And then the star suddenly shifted its course and dashed away like an ordinary meteorite. Three separate people witnessed this, including myself.


That sounds absolutely spectacular! I’ve never been to Texas but if I ever venture there I think I’ll have to make a stop to try for a look at those lights. My mother was born in one of the Dakotas while my grandfather used to work in security on one of the reservations. I wonder if it was the same one. It’s a shame I can’t remember much about that. It’s been a delight to read, thank you so much for taking the time to share this!

this is lovely! the writing before the piece is also very thought provoking. i don't think i looked to the sky for things, but if the sky was clear, and the stars visible, getting lost in them was the easiest thing to do. no searching, just getting immersed.
thanks for the post, can't wait to see more!


Thank you so much!

This post is really amazing :0


I appreciate you saying that so much! Thank you, you’re awesome!

This illustration its really amazing for the details with the colors also the textures that you give with the lineart, your artwork is really good please keep working <3


My gosh thank you so much! Never gonna stop! 😁