ARTzone update

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Artzone update

Dear members of @ARTzone, thank you so much for helping our community grow 5400 strong! We are very happy to be supporting so many creatives around the globe, but we have come across a sad trend of major hashtag abuse.

To fix this, we will need to change the way we distribute up-votes.

For now, @ArtZanolino will be extensively going through the hashtag users. He will identify the accounts correctly using the #ARTzone hashtag, and will be adding them to a list of accounts that are eligible for @ARTzone up-votes.

To be eligible for @ARTzone upvotes:

Post must use the #ARTzone hashtag on Steemit, and be from an account that is to be considered creative, dedicated, genuine about improving creative output and/or educational for artists and art lovers. One or more images are required as well as a significant amount of text (not just a caption). Since this is a subjective matter, these guidelines are up for interpretation.

Thanks for understanding, and forgive us if it takes a little time to get all the deserving account green-lighted.

We would like to give a a big round of applause for our awesome developer @Misrori, he's been doing an excellent job with the @Artzone and @Wafrica voting bots and has been an integral part to their success.

As always, big thanks to our supreme leader @Surfyogi

We wish to serve you better, and are looking forward to growing a thriving art community together.

@SurfYogi @Web-Gnar @Misrori @NMAlove @ArtZanolino

DQmQVL9pkQpVXXuaD8Q11jsqCTN9u7aCBndCt98qJhLNCh3.gif animation by @Rocksg

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I think this is appropiate declaration from artzone. Thanks for your updates.

Pretty cool service. I've been getting support from @ArtZanolino on my Steemit profile and he mentioned this service to me. Artopium represents it's own pool of artists and I am both appreciative and and energetic towards a relationship between @ArtZone and @Artopium. Thank you!

I always stay with #artzone
love you all of the members of artzone family..
loves you too @surfyogi
@upvoted & @resteemed to present you

god bless you..
love you all of the members of @artzone
love all the persons who are worked hard for #artzone
love you @surfyogi
@upvoted & @resteemed

Thank you for the information!!

Sure, always improving, great applause for you and all the team that drives the Art in this beautiful platform.

Thank you #@ARTzone :)

Sunset from my window at home for you #ARTzone. I hope you enjoy :)

Lovely day! :)

Wonderful, this is really good news, I appreciate your work artzone! keep it up

Its always sad when people are given oppprtunities and then they abuse it. So sorry about that. People really need to understand the use of different tags and hashtags for different contexts of posts. Weldone guyz

Shour out to @surfyogi @artzanolino and ofcourse @artzone and @wafrica

You've got my full support @artzone!

Thanks for the support. I would advise in the future to vote only for posts that are really related to art and exclude all photos, because photos are supported by many others.

Wow, i never knew @surfyogi was also behind artzone, no wonder the blog comments is also the same with that of wafrica.

Thank you so much for your heart of gold @surfyogi and for all your support to steemians, i wish you many more greater heights.

Longlive artzone!
Longlive wafrica!

Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo con el arte y el contenido original :D

You guys helped us alot. Thats wonderful update. Those who deserves it will get an upvote. Keep rocking

looking so awesome @artzone
i liked it

just gorgeous update it,,thanks for share

It is high time. Many users use this tag on the posts with ordinary photos!

Thank's to @artzone for always there for us.The way you are supporting all the steemians it's awesome

Really i appreciate you. i like art... i also love art related concept.Thanks for your share.

Thank's to @artzone for always there for us.The way yu are supporting all the steemians it's awesome.Thank's to @surfyogi sir for such helping mentality.Because of artzone we can get so many nice content.Thanks to you @artzone.

Wow so good

its reallt great update @artzone,,thanks for share

This great art, i appreciate your curation.

Awesome art,thanks for update.

Thanks for this piece of information.

Actually, they do an ants work ... pending the stemit community and looking for the benefit for all. Thank you @artzone

It is great and great evolution
I wish you all the happiness and development, my friend

Thanks to your @artzone, to give us an opportunity to work in a strong community. I also agree with you. awesome your concept..........
I thank you again for @surfyogi sir, who motivates us to do steemit. I hope we all work according to the opinion of artzone One day Can achieve success

This is a step in the right direction @artzanolino. It might take a bit longer to get every deserving user a green light but at the end of the day, we'll have a better community. Good job @artzone.

It often turns out 1 or 2 people, stand up.
BEYOND the fray of drama, squabbles and static, things get DONE without excuses because the PASSION is THERE!

I really couldn't be happier, there is something great here that is "larger than the sum of it's parts" and that's what I ALWAYS look forward to in any project including Alchemy!

Thanks for the update @artzone.

It's sad to hear about the abuse

This is such a laudable effort

Thanks for your selfless service


This is a powerful and powerful evolution @ARTzone

That's a very nice one boss, upvoted and resteemed. i did an artwork for artzone which i think you've not seen. Check it out here: I hope you like it boss. Much love.

Very good job @artzone me I also want your followers thousands of people for this art and thanks to @surfyogi

I understand the explanation, hope @ARTzone is more successful and find the relevant account. from @mukhtarilyas as a newcomer in steemit

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Could I just get some clarification on the text rule please.

I have been promoting the #artzone tag heavily to members of my website via the daily checklist but musician's art is in their sound not their ability to write words.

Will they still be eligible for upvotes or should I add some additional requirements to the checklist?

Thank you.

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Very nice

You are really doing a great job, and i'm very happy to be in the "art zone" :) , because we all have to support the great artists on board here :) , cool !!

Woow post yang sangat Keren @artzone

amazingly, it's a very good thing to share information, @artzanolino has visited my post, and I welcome it well. thanks @artzone