Baba's teachings IV

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"PF-18", Mixed media, made in 2014 by Giovani Zanolino

Teachings by my beloved Guru Sai Baba

"Divinity is in everyone and everywhere. You may not see Him with your physical eye, but you can visualise Him with your inner vision. Air exists, you cannot deny this even though you cannot see it or catch it. When it is hot, you can experience coolness either by using a hand fan or an electric fan. Air has not come from the fan. But whoever uses the fan receives and feels the air. Similarly God exists like air. The intellect is the fan. If you turn it toward Atma, you get Atmananda (Atmic bliss).

2483  Peace is inside 3.12.2008 acryl 206.136 cm Zan.JPG
"Peace is inside", acrylic on linen, made in 2018 by Philippe Zanolino

On the other hand, you turn it towards the body, and you get temporary bodily pleasure. For crossing the ocean of life, you cannot depend on the body which is perishable and transient. It is indeed full of dirt and filth, flesh and bones. Hence you must surrender to the Divine within. Once you have God to help you, there is nothing that you cannot achieve."

-Sai Baba-

Buddha gold circle logo animation (486px, 25fps).gif

"Love All, Serve All"

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Very very deep, thanks so much for this!

Wow, this really registers for me when I open in a new window and fill the screen with it.. Tell your Dad thankyou for me.


Thanks Yogi, I'll be sure to let him know :)

It is as they say, with God you can everything and without the nothing, we must be very faithful to our beliefs and keep the faith at all times :)

Nice art congratulations

Thank you, artzanolino. Upvoted and resteemed!

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