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I am addicted to this sketchbook right now. It is a strange type of tissue paper. Thick but delicate, tares easy under pens. One must use watercolors or ink and be super gentle with each stroke, or you will create a blotch easily. It is so absorbent that too much water on the brush will blotch in and ruin your concept totally. It is both frustrating and addicting, as it feels playful by the end result. Let the paper lead you in how it will look in the end and you are just there for the ride. I have found it creates a loose and whimsical style that is a break from my usual.IMG_20180705_233317.jpg

This was made by me tonight, quote is by Dan Saint

Check out other pages in this book within my feed. I love resteems and upvotes keep the morale high. So please consider doing both.

Cheers and much LUV,

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That qoute is true for those of us who try and try even after failing at something.. thats why survivor rhymes with warrior.

Well done, great work!

Let's hear it for the broken, lost lovers!

And the absorbent paper.

You describing this paper is as beautiful as the quote itself💜

Sweet! You always find cool "canvases" to draw on! :O I looove textures in general I touch clothes to see if to buy them and same with paper and all art tools xD But I haven't seen sketchbook like this before :)

i love it also when i find a favourite arting tool, be it pencil or sketchbook or inkpen or whatever :>

that quote is so pretty and the tree and red washes on the pages are really nice, also <3