I’m digging these nightly sketches of yours. The one from last night was really cool too. :D

this sketch is amazing @artwatch. Consider me as your fan starting today haha I do some sketching but not as good as this.

You have a new follower in me! Love it, I sketch myself. Your sketch is in proportion and looks great!

good sketch, I like the bit of colour and showing the process, thats always the most interesting

Thanks, love the feedback.

Her hair is really good!

Thank you for saying so.

oye, tu dibujo me encantó. Está genial la técnica que usaste. La paleta de colores me gustó.

You are an artist, and you are inspiring with your sketch, you use the colors in a original style, keep up !

Wow. This is so sweet. Looks like artists and photographers are taking over steemit.

Good job @artwatch

Wow! Now Im reviewing on your blogs!

That's a helluva side eye😄 I've been getting one of those from the new bairn

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