Dragons (poetry and art by me)

in art •  5 months ago

A sudden quiet hits the farmer's fields.
This land shadowed by the fear it yields.
A deep colloquy sung between two winged beasts.
Light unrefracted in their hearts, like feigned priests.
Blights savagely distinguishable from the sinners they taste.
Ignominiously unforgiving in how they lay waste.
Segregated hunger spread among the cattle.
Accrued hatred over eons of battle.
Encomium only granted to the one that lives.
Survive this night and see the horror tomorrow gives.
My village cut down to ash.
Now only surmounting sorrows to cache.
"Oh mighty dragons, spare this poor Paige!
Let me tell grand tales of your brutal rage."


My writing and dragon art

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nice writing with this illustration...beautiful


The dragon looks like it's the one reciting the poem, did it get bested by a knight? Did it live on the farm and something else came along and ravaged the place? Many possibilities! How did you manage to make so many big words rhythm nicely XD




How did you manage to make so many big words rhythm nicely XD

It is kinda funny - I recited it to my husband & he said that I was trying too hard. And I said "DUDE! Your just saying that shit cause you don't know em." and he was like "yeah..."

Dope 👍



Your art and writing excellent - please pop over to a little contest we are running on Steemit - @cookwithus.
Deimus is having the time of his life in Thailand with his lady
I learned a new word from you today - encomium - just shows never too old to learn something new every day


Long time no see. Glad to hear it! Haha. Thanks mama

Perform poetry on this type of free themes has always been interesting, that is, beyond the usual (love, sadness, etc.) I liked, has that touch that draws attention.

Economium to you that are living it large.