Digital Head Sculpture: [Renders and 360 Turntables]

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Hello people!! Today I am gonna share this digital head sculpture. I made this sculpture last year. I started with Sculptris software and then imported it into zbrush.

It was made out of a sphere and base mesh or image references were used. I could already tell as its not as perfect as a good human face (specially the cheeks shape)

This same process is followed by the CG professionals for creating digital doubles in movies for vfx for complex scences. I have deleted the scene history (through which you can undo and redo things) for the sake of memory. Through scene history we can create a cool looking timelapse.

One more thing that makes this sculpture looks bad is that it doesn't have any surface details, skin pores, wrinkles, moles, tertiary details like this. Mesh should be high density to sculpt these details and to handle high density meshes you need good RAM. My PC doesn't have enough for it.

Here are some renders and turntables of the sculpture with different materials applied.

Digital Head:


I tried to give it an effect of damaged statue. Textured version would look more believeable. Without any texture it kind of looks like damaged skin.

Displaced Greenroma:


This one looks more like a statue with damaged surface, however, it needs more noise to make the effect more realistic.


Clay Displaced
Metallic (No noise)
Normal Mat.
Metallic #2

More Renders -

Red Clay # 1


Red Clay # 2


Red Clay # 3


Red Clay # 4


Simple Material:


Coal material:


Dark and Shiny #1:


Dark and Shiny #2:


Dark and Shiny #3:


Dark and Shiny #4:


Dark and Shiny #5:


Thank you for stopping by fellow Artist/Steemian. Please let me know your opinions about the given artwork in your comments below. I will be glad :D Good day!! :))

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pretty interesting. i especially enjoyed seeing the turntables... glad to nominate this for ocd-resteem :)

Thank you so much brother :))

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Hi @artlover! This is quite impressive and interesting. Following you from now on to check out more of your work. Cheers! :)

Thank you @loop.cirkus. I appreciate it Pal :))

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Thank you for the appreciation @artzone :)) following you already. Cheers Pal. :))

This reminds me of:


Hey @artlover. Thank you for sharing - found it valuable. I will share this @artlover. Wish you continuous success here on steem.

Thank you Irina :))