🎃Halloween Art - Time Lapse Drawing Video🎃

in art •  2 months ago

Here is a drawing I did yesterday using Prismacolor pencils! I love the look of vintage Halloween postcard imagery, so this was inspired by that style.

From start to finish - here it is!

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is it that time already? haha nice work on this one!

So cool the step by step, it's a hard work, i hope you can get rewards for you effort and talent. Resteemed

Awesome buddy

You are sure a great artist that I must say !


@artist1989 got talent. By the way 1989 is my birthday year.

It kind of reminds me of a Tim Burton movie you are certainly very talented.

That's brilliant watching it in time lapse was a great experience for me

very cool

Nice episode first up enjoyed it awesome work by you :)

Amazing and brilliant art work @artist1989! I good yo see you back on steemit!💙💚💙🤗

Good video. Halloween is next month, already, I see.

Your handy craft is phenomenal @artist1989 sir!
I think drawing is your passion.
Without devotion no one can draw such drawing..


@artist1989 sir for showing kindness..

Lovely drawing on Halloween art!

Amazing art

Amazing art work.

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very creative. your art containts many feelings. carry on brother.

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