Portraits from life in MEAM museum in Barcelona

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alla prima in meam 2018 dec.jpg

Hello Steemians!

Today I would like to share with you some of my recent portraits from life I've done in amazing live drawing club "Barcelona Art Experience"


The sessions are hosted by Museum of European Modern Art (MEAM) and I love it - we draw and paint surrounded by paintings of contemporary masters, museum visitors are passing by and making photos, you can hear classical music rehearsal from another floor..


All the sessions are limited to 3 hours and since I don't know who will sit each time it provides a nice challenge. These photos can give some insights into my mistakes and failures among with some lucky moments and happy accidents :)


Hope you like it guys!!

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Wowzers, I actually hadn't known that MEAM actually had existed but it must be fun to explore around. Is it not?

Unto to the post proper: I love, right next to other art movements, the ability to portrait someone (especially before the age of cameras). Just the feeling that you can see into someone, feel the texture and get to understand a person by how they pose is something that's often utilized in portraits. And your art in the MEAM is no different, especially when you are on a time crunch and you have to paint complete random people without knowing in advance who they can even possible be there to see what's going on. As such, I figure the art style is certainly a soft and careful brush strokes that gives a sense of realism that's mixed in with the background of rushed/hurried ones that certainly gives a pizzazz and expressionist undertone.

Also, although completely discussed with the respect it deserves in the post, I like the fact that you mention that the artistry is happening around other monumental artworks with classical music blaring as people walk around. Gives more justifications for that realism (which now I am also tempted to say has impressionist influences as well) aspect but also a byproduct of mocking cameras that can't be exactly stylized and must be photoshopped at times even when it's the best possible picture frame. (To go on the "stylize" description I mean: in pictures I cannot have it where I can have realistic person A but person B is cartoony and then person C is cartoon realistic. That requires photoshop to muck about with such. In paintings, there's a sense of artistic freedom to even screw up and assess whether the screw up is a screw up later down the painting.)

As such: happy painting and happy steeming!~

It must be inspiring to sit in a room with paintings of contemporary painters and paint yourself. I would even say that it could feel surreal. You did a great job painting these portraits! I like all four of them and my favorite is the second one. I like everything about it :)

How long did it take you to make each of these portraits? Just wondering how long did the models have to sit there without moving :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great start of the week!

Thank you! Each sitting is 3 hours, they have a break every 40 minutes so it makes 2,5 hours of process.


Wow, these are really beautiful paintings. Such spontaneity, someone you don't expect just comes and sit and you start to paint. Damn! Really great job.

Remind me to stop at the MEAM and sit there with a wide grin whenever I make it to Barcelona 😉.

@arthurgain, what does one have to do to get a session over there?

Thanks!! Concerning live sessions you can check out their website: https://www.barcelonaartexperience.com/

Cool 😎, added to my cart. 😎

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Great painting skills 👍👏 Nice artworks👍👏

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Hi @arthurgain
it is always an honor to see what artists like you can do. I suppose it is not easy to sit down among so many works of art and try to get closer to your ideals of painting, but you have a wonderful gift, I envy you so much! Congratulations on your portraits and thank you for sharing with us this original experience of the barcelona museum!

This is so cool! I hope one day go to spain and paint in that museum
It sounds a lot of fun!!

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Your life paintings are superb. They are excellent and I am amazed that you can make these beauties under 3 hours.
Very lovely works, Arthur, and this post definitely deserves Curie support. You have an amazing talent, congratulations :).

🎉 Congratulations @arthurgain! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.