Drawing heroes with ballpoint pen pt. 3

in art •  11 months ago


Hello Steemit family! Today I was flipping through my sketchbooks and thought that it's time to make 3rd post about my heroes doodles.


As you can see I have used different techniques of hatching and drawing in these sketches - some are controlled and accurate and others are rather chaotic and suggestive


I tend to restrain the time for doing doodles like these up to 1 hour, otherwise I can spend whole day on rendering in my sketchbook ;) and sometimes sketch can loose it's energy and freshness if I render it for too long


I started to draw with colored ballpoint pens after I have found out that black ink contains some oil in it which stains opposite page in one or two months. Other colors don't have this nasty issues so keep it in mind when you draw with ballpoint pen for the museum or gallery or maybe as a commission. Concerning the well-known issue with lightfastness - I didn't record it when drawings are inside the sketchbooks so don't have much to say about it.

You can check out my previuos posts: Part I | Part II

Don't forget to visit my INSTAGRAM for more stuff like this

Hope you dig it, people!

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Very nice portraits!


Thank you!

wow! These are all amazing portrait studies, and i especially like this one: the intense look, the wave in the hair... I'd love to see the process of how you make these!


Thank you! I am going to share my process more so stay tuned :)

Awesome portraits @arthurgain
Always a pleasure watching your work 😁 it's very inspiring!


thank you! Glad it inspires!


🎉 Congratulations @arthurgain! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


It's so cool! Much appreciated

More great drawings. I take the laptop over to my sweetheart and say, "Look what he's done this time!" I think you should consider self publishing the sketchbook as is, with a short intro and an afterword about the technique. The drawings speak for themselves.


Thanks for your thoughts! I was thinking about publishing in recent months, maybe I will do it later.


p.s. What I meant by "the drawings speak for themselves," is that the attention and care that has gone into each one is as affecting as the details of the individual drawing. The underlying message is that art matters. Excellence matters. Caring matters.

nice portraits ! your ballpoint skills never cease to amaze !!! * __ *


Thank you, it means a lot!