DeadPool De Marvel Studios - Full Color Drawing

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Hello dear friends of Steemit, I hope you had a good day, I present my drawing of Deadpool, of Marvel Studios, I made it with prismacolor colors. The truth is to make realism is not easy and less to color, this design took me almost a whole day and I am happy with the final result, I hope you like this job.


If you allow me to give advice to those who want to learn to draw realism, well the main thing is to be very patient, to be very good at the details, the colors and lighting tones, and it may sound strange but not give your job finished is very important, there can always be something we can improve on it.

The reason why I tell you that you have to be patient, is because every day you learn something new and you can refine a previous technique, the truth I could never study in a school of drawings because my mother did not have to pay with This, but little by little with dedication I was improving and learning a new skill.

Sin título.png

Drawing process





Sin título.png

Final score



  • After having finished with my character, I thought that it could be a good idea to place the Steem logo on the side of the drawing so with this I finished this sketch.

Thank you very much for the support of friends Steemians lovers of art, if you liked this work you can follow me, I will be making a good content for you. nice day for everyone.
Success for everyone


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