Watercolor Portraits: Dogs

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(Panos, commission)

Hello artlovers!

Is anyone else melting?! It is so hot and dry here in the south-west of Germany, that you can't stay outside, except on very early morning or at night. I'm a person who prefers summer, but this heat is just too much. I wish it would rain a little bit, our nature is suffering...

However, I don't have any new art to show you, I am working on some illustrations for a personal project. So I decided to show you some of my custom dog portraits today.

(Tala, commission)

I love painting dogs! I think that each animal is unique and special, and it is always an honour to portrait them.
I especially love painting their eyes. No idea why. :)

(Susi, commission)

(Noa, gift for a good friend)

I don't believe that some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. I think it is all about how you treat them. Every dog deserves a loving family and a good home. If you think about getting a dog - adopt one! There are so many wonderful dogs waiting at the pet shelters worldwide. All the dogs we had in the past (almost) 40 years were adopted/rescued and we have never regretted it.

(Tilly, commission)

It doesn't happen often that I paint portraits with other paints, but this portrait of Jule is a pastel pencil drawing on black paper. This was a gift for good friends. Jule is a funny little Parson Russel Terrier :)


Wishing you all a creative & colourful week, and stay safe from the heat and the wildfires!

(Artist's melting cat... ;)

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Awesome pieces ! +About the heat i need to agree. Here second week in a row we have +40 daytime


Thank you! :) I really hope that heat is over soon. It's too much.

Beautiful works, Nadine! My favourite is the portrait of Noa. Very cute! 😆


Thank you! Noa is one of the most lovely and gentle dogs I know :)

They are all lovely doggos, and you captured them beautifully, Nadine :).


Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot! :)

Very lovely doggo paintings, @artbynadine ! You capture each of them with such great care and skill that their personalities and spirit came through so nicely !


Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like them :)

Wonderful artwork!!


Thank you!

this is one of the most solids watercolor works that i've seen. Amazing! and i love all the dogs, so cute <3


Thank you very much! I think I've found my own style with watercolors... ;)