Unicorns and rainbow colors

in art •  6 months ago

(Finja. Sold/Prints available on RedBubble)

Hello artlovers!

Wishing you all a happy and colorful sunday with my rainbow unicorn "Finja". :)

How do you choose colors for your art?
I often use color charts that can be found in nature. For example nudibranchs. Do you know those little, colorful sea slugs? They appear in so many different colors, it's unbelievable!
Actually there are many wonderful colors in our oceans. Just look at fishes, sea horses and corals. All very inspiring!

Here's a little nudibranch color chart:


Maybe you can find a little bit of inspiration here.

Thank you for stopping by :)

(Ocean Jewel. Prints available on RedBubble)

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Thank you!

Beautiful work, Nadine! Thanks for sharing it with us! 😃


Thank you very much!

Nice work, and wonderful handling of watercolors!


Thank you so much!

Oh yay, I already follow you on instagram for some time now, and just found these wonderful unicorns again on steemit :-)


Oh hello! Nice to see you here! Thank you for stopping by :)

Your horses and unicorns are just magical, simply magical, @artbynadine <3 The colours are flamboyant and beautiful !!! <3


Thank you so so much! <3

Beautiful and fantastical colours. I really admire your adoration about horses, the fact that you can represent them in various multiple ways, it really shows how much you love them. And that feeling is quite infectious ^_^.          


Thank you very much! Go draw some too :D

Really liked your Finja!


Thank you!

Huch...total verpasst, den Post...menno! Dabei ist eins meiner Lieblingsbilder dabei....


Kommt vor sowas :D