Mérinya and the night sky

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Good morning all!

There were many inspiring things happening in our beautiful night sky lately...

I just had to paint a bloodmoon moonicorn. And I tried to photograph the bloodmoon too, but I don't have the right camera lens for that. Well, it is better than nothing, and a little remembrance for the photo album. ;)


And have you seen the falling stars too? And I hope you've made a wish! :) I've seen a few, and one really large meteorite right above the house. That one was a little bit scary, but a special wish for sure! ;) I didn't expect to see something like that!

(From my Paperblanks sketchbook)

Currently I am working on a malachite dragon illustration, inspired by Smaugust. I hope I can finish that one soon. I think it will be my next blog post. :)

Wishing you all a happy & colorful weekend!
Make someone smile & be creative! <3


(Mixing colors for the malachite dragon)

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Very nice drawing, @artbynadine ! Your horses are always so beautiful and ethereal <3 And the bloodmoon gives it a extra special feel of magicalness~


Thank you so much! <3 I first thought it's too much red color, but now I like it too :D

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Thank you for the great support!

Ich find´ das so klasse, genau mein Ding :-)


Danke schön! :)

So cool that you got to see the sky in action, and to turn it into this beautiful art ... just awesome ;)


Thank you very much! It was very exciting to see all that happening :)


You're welcome @artbynadine, I bet it was!!