Leo and his battle scars...

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Good morning lovely people!

Just a quick post because I want to show you "Leo", my latest finished painting.
I know I wanted to finish my malachite dragon, but than this birthday gift came up...
However, I think I have to paint more lions. I just fell in love with these beautys.

He's got a few battle scars... but don't we all do so?! And isn't he still strong and proud?

Made with black ink (lion drawing) and watercolors (galaxy).

Wishing you all a colorful & happy day!

PS: Some - not so good, I'm sorry - WIP pictures for you ;)




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Thank you! <3

Soooooo super!!!


Vielen dank! <3

beautiful drawing, @artbynadine ! I love how you capture the regal look of a lion's stare. The muzzle and face is also detailed nicely <3

And the contrast between the ink lion and the colourful bottom of the canvas is very lovely ! <3


Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like it! :)

Ich finde den Löwen echt toll! :)


Vielen Dank, freut mich! :)