My Drawing Progress: 2017 - 2018

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Hi Steemians!

I have been gone for far too long! And it actually feels weird to me - writing
again. But after SteemFest 3 - I couldn't just not post again. So - this is it!

As I feel a little christmassy today - I thought that I might add some christmas dividers. (by courtesy of @rivalzzz)🎄

You might have seen that @therealwolf updated his profile picture today. As you know, he was the one - who encouraged me to draw again. And since his profile picture back in September 2017 was the first ever digital drawing of mine - I thought I might show you my drawing progress from back then to now.

September 2017

This was my very first digital drawing with my (ancient) Bamboo Tablet. And I still remember my struggle so vividly - although I do struggle with every new drawing. But back then it was really a pain, as I tried to figure out the how to’s of digital art regarding tools, techniques and drawing itself.

Now looking at this picture I see so many flaws, that I almost feel ashamed about it. But … I was so proud - back then. So proud, that I actually finished it. And also honoured as @therealwolf used it for his profile.

April 2018

Doesn’t he look so arrogant in this picture? 😅

I can’t help but have a big grin on my face, while remembering how surprised many Steemians were, when they first met @therealwolf at SF3. Many of them thought, that he would be an arrogant elderly guy - based on this 2nd profile picture.

To be honest - that was exactly the impression I was “asked” to convey. Maybe not the elderly part - though.

September 2018

This polygon profile picture was created based on his request to have something, which is rather neutral and objective. But still professional and connected to the name @therealwolf.

It is the fastest one, which I created for him - so far. No comments, no extras, no further requests … just “Thank you, my dearest.” 😉

December 2018

And finally the most recent one...

I don’t even dare to tell you, how long it took - for me to finish this piece. There are so many versions - all of them different and similar at the same time.

After SF3 I wanted to post again - preferably at once. Right now and there. But I wanted the drawing to be appropriate, positive, bright, empowering or just perfect…
I put myself under so much pressure that I ended up to haven’t post at all.

When @therealwolf asked me for a new profile picture I felt very insecure and pressured myself even more. Which wasn’t his intention at all, so - after a while he told me that it wasn’t urgent and that I could draw something else instead.

And guess what - just 2 days later he uploads his finished profile picture. 🙈

So - here we are. After over a year - I must say that there is still so much to learn. There have been highs and many more lows, but in the end I always had a big smile on my face when I endured the pain and keep on drawing.

Although I haven’t drawn continuously - it still feels good to be able to look back on these pictures and see my own progress.

SF3 taught me, that there are so many amazing talented people out there. And especially here in the Steem Community. It would be foolish to just give up, only because the struggle grows with every new technique or effect or challenge or … whatever - you come across your life's journey.

"Never give up what you want most in your life - for what you want today.”

Thank you so much for reading!
@artbunny 🎨🐰


WOW, sick skills! The last one definitely is the most accurate! :)

Thanks! 😉

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Someone have been evolving like crazy. Awesome to see your improvement and how your style changed 😁

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Thanks - your words are much appreciated. 😊

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You are welcome. Well deserved words

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Wow, this is some amazing digital art! You are very talented and the improvement is stunning. Although I still like the previous ones as well, one can really see your learning curve. I am happy that you pushed yourself to walk down that path. I hope to see much more from you in the future.

Thanks so much - this means so much to me! I will keep fighting ... I mean drawing and hopefully share many more. 😊

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a lot friendlier honest open looking. couldn't trust the april guy. Or is the new guy just therealwolf in disguise;) i like it! kinda reminds me of my cousin

Haha.😅 Thanks! I am so happy, that you feel that way. Open, friendly and very honest - he is, indeed.

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This are awesome damn! How can I get mine?

I love it! And YAY!!! Wonderful to see you post. That new profile pic is fantastic, amazing work! I liked the other one, sassy with that raised eyebrow, but the new look is warm and makes me smile just as much. Big love!!!

Aww - @katrina-ariel!! Would love to give you a big hug right now.😊 Thank you - so kindly!

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hugglepounces and all the smiles!

Steem: turn your boyfriend 10 years older in 2 years.


Wow, I’m so blown away by the quality of your work!

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Wah - thank you so much! 😊

I've been to your presentation at SF3 and was very impressed by your work and passion for Partiko. Can't wait for the 'huge' update being on the iOS version, too.

Oh wow! You were there! I really wish we could've met!

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Well - I‘ve felt a bit uncomfortable, as it was my first time hearing about Partiko and didn‘t want to offend you by that in any possible way.

But I was so hyped by the new features for the Android version, that the first thing I did - after coming back to the apartment on that day - was downloading the app on my iPhone. 😅

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Wow... It's pretty awesome to see your growth as an artist! And also to see Wolf's 'look' change - I love how he supports your art by motivating you to create again :-) Keep on doing so @artbunny!

Thank you - so kindly! 😊 I know - and I feel very lucky to have Wolf in my life. If it wasn't for him, I probably would still procrastinating. And I wasn't easy on him ... still not am, I guess.

It took him more than half a year to make me feel brave enough, in order to dig up my ancient Bamboo ... and just start drawing.

Wow . This is really amazing . Great creativity. I'm an artist as well. You can as well check my profile .. Though a newbies. Thanks @artbunny

Just seen some of your work! So realistic! 😊👍🏼

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Very nice artwork. He has a lot of style!! Glad you are back!!

Thank you - very much!☺️

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You know what's funny? @threrealwolf reminds me quite a bit of my buddy Pacmandu:

😅 I guess - you haven‘t met him, then.

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Just the looks, is all. The facial structure is very similar to me.

No - I understand. 😅 I guess it is the beard and hair ... and overall similar features.

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You look more like a mix of 2 and 3


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@artbunny Loved reading this. That's the best thing about art. If you keep practicing and exploring, you can never turn back and say that things are same. It's crazy how you have progressed in your digital artworks in 1 year. Never give that up and hope to see some really cool stuff from you! :)

Thank you - so kindly! 🤗

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Wonderful progress. 👏🏻

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That's amazing! I really love the polygon one, and definitely see the arrogance in the previous. Although I haven't met him, I also thought he'd at least be a bit arrogant because of that pic, until I read some of his posts ofc

Ninja edit: that reminds me, my gf said she'd make me some digital art for my account (like witness banners), and I just got her a Steen account. I'll make sure she posts some of her art :D

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Wah - it amazes me everytime, how the 2nd pic actually delivers such an arrogant vibe. But honestly - he is a fine man. 😊

And please do - and share, so that I can see your gf artwork!

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Damn, sick. It's awesome dude.

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Thanks! 😊

Nice progression, though.


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I really like yout post. Of corse I like all pictures, but I like tgis one from april 2018 the most. He looks so, I can say dangerous and he is also pretty. Very good job. I would like to have talent for this. :)

Thank you - kindly! 😊 I am glad that you like the april pic.

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I love the art evolution @artbunny , you draw directly to a digital board then? I never took that step ''ending'' the drawing days for me , as I kept to traditional art when I was a teenager , painting and such .. now I just doodle for fun but who knows.. I might try to post art one day! loved the post! keep the journey going! :)

Thank you, @pechichemena! I also started out with traditional art. Actually, I still sketch with pencils and use it as a base for my digital drawings.

You should definitely post some of your art. I would like to see them one day! 😊

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hello artbunny,your drawing progress is very i want more your post

Thank you! I will do my best to post more regularly. 😊

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Wah - thank you so much! ☺️

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A new awesome artist!

I just discovered you. Love how you're breaking it all down and making awesome progress. Thanks for sharing. You're a rising star.

Aww - thank you so kindly!🙈

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This is really good! You should be very proud. I like the lighting and highlights. Great work!

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Thank you! 😊 I also am happy, how the light effects turn out. I had to watch several tutorials for that, but it was worth it.

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I actually prefer the first one out of all of them.

Amazing artwork! Your progress has been great over the year!

Thank you, @firepower! So great to hear from you!😊

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It's really amazing to see your improvements ! and i think you definitely will continue to enthrall with your talents :)

Thank you - so kindly!😊

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If i have one wish, what could it be? okay, two wishes :) one Art of myself and one Art for a SteemMonster :)
This Skills needs to be honored - in the fact we are all on steem, that would be double-epic if you can draw one CardDesign :)

All the best and keep up the great Skills !


Wah - thank you, @rivalzzz! I really appreciate your words.

And it would be - indeed an honour - to draw a SteemMonster Card. But ahh - the pressure!😉

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hehe, yeah the new one looks much friendlier. The April 2018 picture looks like he's up to something sneaky. Like Captain Hook on the show Once Upon a Time.


Hihi - right you are! Although that wasn't my intention. He requested for a rather "strong" facial expression. And I remember that it wasn't an easy task for me.

These eyebrows - I hadn't kept count, but I had to retouch and change them - so many times... 🙈

Well, they are all great drawings, so good work!

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