Mini-Series “Art Styles” - No.1

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Hi everyone! 😊

This week I want to do a mini-series regarding the topic "art styles". I will try out my favourite art styles - namely cartoon, manga and semi-realistic. In this post - I want to share with you my semi-realistic approach.

Everything was sketched with pencils and graphite aquarelle. In fact - I haven't tried to blend the graphite aquarelle with water yet, but I will definitely try that some time in the future.

I discovered that with only pencils the drawing gets very shiny, especially if you want to darken certain areas and therefore use more pressure. But I still need to figure that out, as different kind of pressure on the pencil also conveys different kind of textures.

As I couldn't leave the drawing - as it was, I had to add some (digital) colour. I was going for a sketchy kind of drawing and used the brush with a lightly hand all over the canvas. Also keeping the colours rather minimalistic.

Here - the final portrait.

If you enjoy my art, please share and upvote.

Thank you so much for reading!
@artbunny 🎨🐰


This is beautiful!!! You have amazing sketching skills! Nice Page! Good Content! Keep going! Check out my Latest post when you get a chance please.🙏🏾 Thanks!

Thank you! 😊

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