Skull of Vampire Sketch. Step by step procedure of Vampire's Skull sketch.

in #art4 years ago

Today, I thought to share a pencil sketch of a Vampire's skull which I recently sketched. My last few drawings were mostly about cartoon characters and games characters. So this time I wanted to draw something different and I came up with this scary looking skull of a vampire. Here it is,


Step by step procedure of Vampire's Skull pencil sketch :

First Step :

This is the picture of its very initial step.


Second Step :

One step closer to the completion. Already looking good but not complete. I captured two versions of it one with camera flash on and the other with flash turned off. But I could not decide between the two that which looks better so I shared both versions of it.

(Picture captured with camera flash on).


(Picture captured with camera flash off).


Third Step :

In this step, I just did a bit of refining work on it. Darkening the lines giving it more detail. Two versions(flash on and off) of it.

(Camera flash ON).


(Camera flash OFF).


Final Step :

After shading it. Here is the final picture,



Arslan Hyder.


Nice sketch.


Nice sketch... keep it up.

Thank you Sir.

Welcome :-)

Nice art

@arslanhyder - Well done the sketch is awesome. You have many talents, I'm learning!

Thank you for the kind words my friend. Much appreciated.... :))

proffessional this...kudos

Thank you... I don't know what "kudos" means. But kudos to you as well.... :))

it means

ahhh ok... lol.... :))

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Love have so much power. Spreading love and having fun.... :))

Yeah, that's the way to do it, too many red flag vampires around!

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