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RE: Great Painting Hacks and Some Urban Sketching

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Dear Folker you are a show! I can invite you to take a lesson to my students (with gas masks of course) I hope to win a Wolkswagen not diesel but electric or at most natural gas.
Thanks for this beautiful post and I will share it immediately. Mythical!

A big hug to you and your lady. least not a whole lot of it. Trust me, all my life I couldn't draw more than a stick figure, and those piss poor art classes in school reinforced my belief of being no good at art instead of overcoming it. Now I'm painting pretty much whatever I please! Sure, I'm still not really good at it, and I'm painting from reference photos, but so what? I'm enjoying every relaxing moment of it, I'm learning new skills every day, and I know I will get better if I apply myself.



Thank you so much for your remarks! So glad you enjoyed this post. I don't understand how I overlooked this for 3 days, but I did. Sorry.

I blame it on la padrona di casa who near sold out at the bazaar, made a ton of money, and grew at least 10 cm, I swear. All the while, I'm busy trying to remove these sales from her web store, with a slow Internet on what is essentially American soil.

Even I sold two paintings (more Schmincke for me this week, ha!) and I guess I'm a "real artist" now. So funny, yesterday, I didn't know how to spell "painter", and today I am one ;-)

Anyway, in your photos, I have seen the eyes of YOUR students, and how you managed to get them thinking about their art. I wish YOU had been my art teacher back in the day; I wouldn't have missed out for so long.

Beautiful colors behind you - make a post of it. Does the cat take hugs, too? She's pretty!

Thank you, I enjoyed that post. "King of the neighborhood" indeed! So many great posts in Steem's past. This is one of them.

Prego signore. La volkswagen sta arrivando.