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Hello to all dear friends Steemians!
Today I come back to present a watercolor from the theme dear to me, the sea.
I wanted to represent a seascape evoked by a recurring dream of mine, to have a boat!
I have always loved the sea, those who see my posts understand this very well from the frequency of my publications of seascapes ....
As a child I used to go boating with my family, for many years, then, for various reasons, my father sold the boat and I stayed on the ground!
Occasionally I rent one or go with friends, but it's not the same thing.
This yearning to navigate or to dream of doing so translates into dreamlike and fantasy pictorial representations where I imagine my ideal seascape!
Maybe I'm right on that boat, I'm going fishing at sunset ... maybe I'm coming back from a little trip ... maybe I dream.
I hope you like my watercolor and I wish you heart to be able to travel in the sea or on the peaks of the waves.
However you always travel!

Ciao a tutti cari amici Steemians!
Oggi torno a presentare un acquarello dal tema a me caro, il mare.
Ho voluto rappresentare un paesaggio marino evocato da un mio sogno ricorrente, avere una barca!
Ho sempre amato il mare, chi vede i miei post lo capisce benissimo dalla frequenza delle mie pubblicazioni di paesaggi marini....
Da bambino andavo in barca con la mia famiglia, per molti anni, poi, per diversi motivi mio padre vendette la barca ed io sono rimasto a terra!
Occasionalmente ne noleggio una oppure vado con amici, ma non è la stessa cosa.
Questo anelito di navigare o di sognare di farlo si traduce in rappresentazioni pittoriche oniriche e di fantasia dove immagino il mio paesaggio marino Ideale!
Forse io sono proprio su quella barchetta, sto andando a pesca al tramonto...forse sto tornando da una piccola gita...forse sogno.
Spero che il mio acquarello vi piaccia e vi auguro di cuore di poter viaggiare in mare o sulle vette delle creste delle onde.
Comunque viaggiate sempre

pace 2014 cm.40x30 sold out.JPG

title: meetings at sunset
technique: watercolor on paper rouge Fabriano 400g.
size: 46x36cm.
private collection-Fuerteventura, Corralejo

pace 2014 cm.40x30 sold out.jpg


pace 2014 cm.40x30 sold out1.jpg


pace 2014 cm.40x30 sold out2.jpg


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I'm lean on VP and trying to hold off voting for a while--then I see your work and can't resist. There is so much merit here. The finished piece is wonderful but I love detail 2 because there I can see the ship almost disappearing into the horizon. The picture has a kind of dreamlike quality. It's the sort of image that can inspire a poem.

I just read your description--I didn't before. My response was esthetic--a reaction to what I saw and felt--a dream quality. You were quite successful in achieving the impression you were going for. It's a, unusual gift, to share your vision, without words.


thank you @agmoore for your insideful comment and I hope not to disappoint you

That's real talent! Thanks for putting it on the blockchain!


ty for your comment @jwolf

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Armando, quando ricordi il mare mi colpisci sempre molto. Anche io amo moltissimo questo tipo di paesaggio e i vascelli in particolar modo. Vivrei ogni giorno della mia vita a contatto con l'aria salmastra.
Colore dipinto sono di grande qualità. Gli elementi minimali ed essenziali.
A domani!

Amazing combinations of colours maestro @armandosodano

That ship looks amazing as well.


What a gorgeous piece, @armandosodano! The green sea is roiling with a kind of calm energy, akin to the feelings of an energy of a 'meeting'... where there is both quiet excitement but also a little nervousness in the air.

I love the sky's contrast against the sea, the colours are alive and full with open emotions.

Beautiful <3


ty for your insideful comment