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SevenFingers is a community that is managed by great people in all areas of expertise. we created a community to accommodate everyone who has the skills to create great content. and also we want to make this community a good example and guide beginners in making a good content.


SevenFingers has 3 activities every week like !!

  1. SevenFingers Guide
  2. SevenFingers Activity
  3. SevenFingers Contest

This is a SevenFingers intro that we will use when creating content in the future.


Video Created By : @arie.steem

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So promising. I look forward to see more of this

Hey @arie.steem this is a great project, when is the launch of the webpage?


@steemph.antipolo hey thanks..
as soon as possible .. if the website is already released maybe tomorrow ,,
we will make a post later.

nice work, best of luck buddy !


yeah ,, thank you very much buddy !

Congratulation, your post has been chosen by @sevenfingers because your content is great and very interesting. your content will be displayed on

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Keep creating great content
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