Unique flip-flops with hand-made cartoon engraved by high school graduates - in demand to foreign countries

in #art6 years ago

Steemians - No one expected, carving a movie figure on a flip flops attract local people to foreign countries. Within a month, dozens of slippers were sold. The buyers come from various major cities in the world.

Carved flip-flops are done alone by Lukman (27). An Indonesian junior high school graduate with his creativity can make the usual flip-flops into a great work of art.

Many movie characters who became the design, ranging from the character of Star Wars to Doraemon. Here are some photos of his work:

1. Spiderman

2. Batman

3. Star Wars, Strom Troppers

4. One Piece

5. Doraemon

6. Sinchan

7. Mickey Mouse

8. Hello Kitty

9. Kungfu Panda

10. The Minions

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Reference: brilio.net

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