Musical Insects: #III, The Organ Tamamushi Beetle, Pencil on paper, 2018 (+timelapse video)

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Hey, here is my last drawing, a new piece for my Musical Insects series:

The Organ Tamamushi Beetle
Pencil on paper, 26 x 18 cm (10" x 7"), 2018

The Tamamushi Beetle (chrysochroa fulgidissima, or "jewel beetle") is a native beetle to Japan and Korea, and is known for its iridescent wings that glow with different colors depending upon the light angle.

(source: wikipedia)

I made a video of the process (3 hours in a 3 mins video):
(Music: Fia - Corpo Mente)

I used a propelling pencil, a while pencil, two erasers, and a small sprayer filled with watercolor (for the background, with yellow + magenta + sepia) :

My Musical Insects series is growing bit a bit, you can see the whole collection (3 for now):

The Paper Music Box
The Brass Ladybird
The Organ Tamamushi Beetle

The next goal will be to frame this collection, maybe in a "under two glasses" metal frame, to be continued...

And stay tuned, the next ones will follow soon ;)



Thank you ^^

This really looks cool! Did you make the texture in the background as well?

Hey, thank you!
And yes I also made the background, you can see how in the video from 0:10 to 0:30 :)

I see :) Nice work.

Wow.. This is excellent art.. Thanks

Thank you :)

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