i#12, The Leafy Elephant-Beetle (+a timelapse video)

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...the elephant spreads its leaves ... and flew away...

Made with pencil on paper, it took me 3h to draw it, you can watch a timelaspe below :)

The Leafy Elephant Beetle
Pencil on paper, 26 x 18 cm (10.2 x 7.1"), 2018

And a timelapse video :



good post friends. thank you for sharing with friends here

Thank you, it's a pleasure :)

Beautiful drawing :-)

Nice to see you posting again @apolette

It's a pleasure :)

Nice work! I like making insects too, but mine are metal. Have you ever seen those praying mantis' that look like a leaf? They are pretty cool and this reminded me of them a bit. Followed.